Three Generations of Violinmakers: Paolo Vettori & Sons

Three Generations of Violinmakers

A Family’s Inheritance: 80 Years of Violinmaking (Since 1935)

Upholding the philosophy of having a small production but maintaining its high quality, Paolo Vettori & Sons have practiced the craft of violin making for three generations.

Dario I Vettori, violist of the Benelli quartet, began the tradition of violinmaking in the family in Firenzuola, a village in the Apennine region of Tuscany. Through his life, Dario remained attached to his home in the mountains and for this he became known as “The Violin-maker of the Mountains”.

dario vettori

Paolo Vettori, the son of Dario I, moved from Firenzuola to Florence in the early 1970s where he began to frequent the workshop of Igino Sderci and eventually opened his own shop.

vettori family

vettori workshop2

Now, Dario, Sofia and Lapo, the children of Paolo Vettori, followed in their father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and continue to make violins, violas and cellos in their beautiful workshop in Via della Dogana in Florence.

tuscany florence

The Vettori family is very particular with the fine wood they use. At present, they will construct instruments, using spruce from Tuscan Appenines. The wood is felled in 1772 (the age and the provenance of the wood is guaranteed by the Departement of Dendrocronology of the university of Tuscia).

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