Tips on Buying a Piano


Learning the piano can be a very rewarding experience, but before you do that, you are faced with the daunting task of picking the most suitable piano for yourself. Before you spend money on either a new or used piano, a little research and preparation is helpful because you want to be able to get good value for your money.

Unless you are an experienced pianist or music teacher, we get that it is very hard to know what makes a good piano.

Here, we clarify a few myths and provide you with some sensible advice to help you on your piano buying journey. 

i. Getting a new piano
A new piano is usually more costly, but ultimately, you get what you pay for, and the amount you pay is usually well worth the decades of good music you can create on a reliable instrument. If you are a serious musician, and are keen on advancing your music career, we recommend you to get a new piano because it has better reliability, which will benefit you in the long run. When an older piano breaks down, the player suffers. Every hour an instrument spends in the repair shop is an hour the player is unable to work towards his/her goals. As a serious musician, you do not want to end up having to rent an inferior instrument until the older one is fixed, or in the worst case, not have a piano at all.

ii. Second-hand Pianos
There is no doubt that everyone favors new instruments to old ones, but there is also no reason to turn down a good second hand piano. If your budget is tight and a new piano is not an option, a second-hand piano might work for you. But, the reliability and repair time is a serious consideration when deciding whether you want to buy a second-hand piano. When buying a second hand piano, look for one that is used lightly to moderately (one that is preferably less than 5 years old.)
Remember to make sure that it has been well looked after and screened by the store’s professional technicians. In Singapore, there are many second-hand piano retailers that sell good piano makes that are in pristine condition because they have been properly handled by previous owners.

Buying from a retailer vs a private seller?

Buying an instrument from a retailer is the usually the better route for serious musicians of all levels. Retailers have a reputation to uphold every time they put up an instrument up for sale, so a retailer will do their very best to serve you with nothing but good quality and trustworthy products. Alongside that, you will find that buying a piano from a retailer has many advantages.

Retailers provide,

  • Pre-screening by professional technicians to ensure that the piano is problem free.
  • Manufacturing warranties to protect you from paying the cost of repair for your piano.
  • Complimentary tuning.
  • Trade-in policy that will also give you a great value for your piano after a few years.

We have many new customers coming to Gramercy Music, telling us that they have made the mistake of buying a faulty secondhand piano from private sellers on Craigslist or Carousell ; therefore, these customers constantly have to engage piano technicians do repairs on it. And more repairs = more unnecessary costs = Bad idea.

Buying a used piano from a private individual can also be beneficial because they are generally less expensive than a new piano on the market. But, the main downside is that the private seller does not have to adhere to certain rules a retailer has to provide.

When purchasing a piano privately, you will find that:

  • It is a waste of time because there is the hassle of going from home to home to find the best suitable piano.
  • There is no warranty, which will not give you an ease of mind.
  • Transportation is covered by you or inexperienced sellers, which may lead to higher costs or accidental damages.
  • There will be extra costs in future to repair and restore the piano depending on the quality that you bought it in
  • The seller may not have a realistic understanding of the value and condition of his/her piano, and if you are a first time buyer, you may fall prey to buying a cheap piano at an expensive rate.

After weighing the pros and cons, our piano experts at Gramercy Music recommend first time piano buyers to consult a piano retailer to assist you with any enquires you may have in getting the right piano. This ensures a worry free experience because there will not be any drawbacks and hidden costs of purchasing a piano from a private seller. The salespeople at piano retail outlets will also be able to demonstrate to you a variety of pianos with different sounds and you can pick the one that appeals to you most. Having a piano at home also adds sophistication to your home’s decor; therefore, you definitely want to be able to pick between more options instead of having to stick to one option with a private seller.

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