One Music Stand For Life

Imagine having to buy one music stand, and never having to purchase another one for the rest of your life. This music stand actually does exist. We have provided many musicians and teachers Manhasset Stands to sample, and the reviews have been great so far.

Manhasset makes over 50 different music stand and accessories. The company offers a lifetime warranty on its music stands and it’s foul proof quality promises to correct and replace any products free of charge (if there are any at all). Manhasset produces only high quality products which also goes through a rigorous quality control inspection throughout all phases of manufacturing, assembly, and packaging. They have built a company and sustained a great reputation over the pass 75 years for the quality and excellence of their products.

Most things today are not designed to last forever so it gives companies a lot of pressure to smack the label – “Lifetime Warranty” alongside their products. But Manhasset has managed to live up to its name, standing behind quality for a lifetime. Aside from its quality, here are some other plus points that you may be interested to know.

  • They use 0 waste
    Manhasset was awarded a Green Manufacturing Award in 2014.
  • Long Lasting and Durable
    Rugged, all aluminium, lightweight desks are ribbed for extra strength. 
  • Produced in United States
    Therefore its quality is assured.
  • They are environmentally friendly.
    Manhasset uses a powder coating that is scratch and chip resistant.
  • All the components of the Manhasset Music stands are available and can be purchased seperately.
    And this includes all models of desks, shafts, bases, and all pieces of hardware and fasteners.

We have tried out many different music stand brands, and Manhasset has been our favorite manufacturer so far. And as musicians we can all agree that when you will be in the industry for a long time, it makes sense to pay for quality instead of getting a cheaper and disposable alternative.

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