Interview: Vincent Daoud (Saxophonist) – Singapore Saxophone Symposium 2015


We caught up with Saxophone player Vincent Daoud at the annual Singapore Saxophone Symposium 2015 clinicians gathering last weekend. The multi-lingual, inquisitive saxophonist whipped out his smartphone and was picking up some Singlish while sipping French wine. A regular invitee at the head of orchestras for the performance of concerti for saxophone his most notable appearance is at the world premiere of composer Chaya Czernowin’s «Blind radiance», with the Bern Symphony orchestra in 2011 at the «Culturescape» Festival in Switzerland. Artistic Director of brand new ensemble APORIA SURVIVAL KIT, Vincent currently teaches at the «Ecole Sociale de Musique» in Lausanne.

M: Tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, what you do, how long have you been a musician?
V: My name is Vincent, I come from Switzerland. I’m a saxophone player and I’ve been a musician since I was 8 years old.

M: How long have you been playing?
V: 29 years. (Gasp!)

M: Who’s your favourite composer?
V: Such a hard question. Probably all the classics which I had to study, starting from the classical period up to now. I’m actually mostly impressed by personal and well thought musical languages, wherever it comes from.

M: What is your favourite (musical) note? B? A? Bâ™­? Gâ™­â™­?
V: Hmm… Every sound is interesting. *Sings………..sings…..*

M: A?
V: You have perfect pitch?

M: When I play an epic Saxophone solo, it is like ______. Fill in the blanks with one of the following.

  • Friendly Fire.
  • God.
  • My mother’s underpants.
  • Stepping on a God damn freakin’ LEGO.
  • Living in a trashcan.
  • My dying iPhone battery.
  • That thing that electrocutes your abs.
  • A spontaneous conga line.
  • Dial-up Internet.
  • My inner demons throwing a party.
  • Bananas in Pyjamas.
  • All-you-can-eat-buffet for $2.
  • Multiple stab wounds.
  • Being nine years old.
  • All this liquid in my mouth.
  • A disappointing birthday.
  • Getting rejected by the ATM.

V: Bananas in Pyjamas (Both laughs..)

M: Are you excited about the Symposium and what are you most looking forward to?
V: I’m very excited about this symposium. Much respect to the guys who set it up because it is a lot of work to do. I’m excited to show my skills to the Singaporean people and mostly looking forward to hearing all the other guys play, they are great saxophone players. I’m delighted to be performing for the Singapore Saxophone Symposium in my own concert with a well balanced program which I believe shows a good part of the expressive potential of the tenor saxophone. Thanks to Dr. Goh for giving me this opportunity.

M: Do you like Singapore? Why?
V: So far, very much, yes. Because it’s a small country but it is both a big city and a small country at the same time, showing incredible energy with a apparent respect for nature. 

M: What have you done (in Singapore) so far?
V: I have been practicing a lot, getting ready for the symposium. But also, I’ve been eating very good things with my friends, trying to get to the swimming pool above the skyscraper (MBS). But I couldn’t actually go and swim because you’re suppose to have a bedroom booked.

M: What are you working on at the moment?
V: I’m getting ready for the next concert which will happen on 26 August in Switzerland. It is a world premiere (French composer). He’s writing a piece for an ensemble of which I’m the Artistic Director. I’m very excited as this is our first project together!

M: You must have travelled around the world on your musical journey, where would you like to live the most?
V: I think the place where I live at the moment is the right place for me. Who knows where I’ll be living in 10 years time but I really like the place I’m living at, at the moment.. Switzerland..

M: A word of advice to young saxophonist and musicians?
V: To young saxophonist, uhhhh…. FIND ANOTHER JOB! (laughs…) If you wanna make money… Seriously: be curious, practice a lot!
To musicians… You’re lucky because you devote your life to a beautiful thing.

M: Anything else you’ll like to add?
V: It’s a little bit (!) hot and humid here in Singapore, compared to my home place in Brittany, France. But humidity is good for the reeds so its ok.

If you happen to be in Switzerland, do drop by to say hi to Vincent!

World Premiere Kasper Toeplitz/ASK
26 August 15, 7pm
Suspension-agrégat, création

Maarten Stragier, guitare
Tom De Cock, percussion
Vincent Daoud, saxophone
Nicolas Crosse, contrebasse
Kasper T. Toeplitz, électronique
Enregistré par RTS Espace 2

Les musiciens d’Aporia Survival Kit évoluent, au-delà de leur formation musicale classique, dans le paysage de la musique expérimentale. Dans leurs explorations, ils collaborent ainsi avec des compositeurs, établis ou en devenir, toujours à la recherche de nouvelles voies inventives. Ici, l’ensemble s’associe au compositeur Kasper T. Toeplitz, un poète de l’instrumentation hybride Homme-Machine.

Vincent Daoud


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